The heroes of the element.

A browser text based heroes game inspired by games like settlers 2, diablo 2, leage of legends, empires and puzzles

Quick start click Heroes and then click Pets to get 15 free heroes and pets!
Play First Signup Later (PFSL) if you like the game you can set an password in settings afterwards.

Heroes is a browser rpg with simple and fast pased gameplay.
Collect and level your heroes endlessly. Collect all diffrent elements to have more bonusses to your team.

no signup just play, Play First Signup Later (PFSL)
Build your Base and get free resources.
Heroes unlimited leveling system.
Auto fast fighting.
text based bejeweled like puzzle game
Pets to support your heroes.
Raid to climb rankings.
Explore endless map.
Take a jab at the Titan and gain great rewards.
And many more.

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